Upside Down Plaza


2012 Magnolia Ave
Birmingham, AL 35205




FRI: 3PM to 7AM
SAT: 3PM to 2AM
SUN: 3PM to 7AM


Founded in the early 1960s by Joe and T. C. Cannon. It was originally located in the former Caddell’s Creamery on 11th Court South below the Highland Plaza shopping center. Officially just “The Plaza” or “The Cannon’s Plaza“, the bar attracted attention for its upside-down neon sign and has been informally called the Upside Down Plaza ever since.

The Plaza moved to the basement of the Pickwick Plaza  in 1987 and was sold to Jimbo Flemming.

The bar is known for its ultra-casual atmosphere and pool tables. The bathrooms are known for their thick layers of writing on the walls.