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Welcome to Five Points South, Birmingham's Premier Neighborhood & Culinary Destination! Five Points South is a neighborhood in Birmingham, in zip code 35205 and about 5 minutes from downtown. This National Register of Historic Places neighborhood is one of Birmingham's first street car lined suburbs and was founded as the Town of Highland in 1887. Today with over 40 culinary destinations and 30 retailers, the area has been labeled "a town within a city "and a true "walkup neighborhood".

Area merchant hosts many annual events that grow with each year and entertain thousands of people within the city of Birmingham. From the 33rd Annual St. Parade's Day Parade, Progressive Dinner Grub Crawls and more, our event calendar is full of opportunities for visitors and locals to enjoy Five Points South. It's a family friendly neighborhood with a focus on livability and walkability.

Our History

Five Points South is one of Birmingham's first streetcar suburbs. The area was settled and incorporated as the Town of Highland on May 14th, 1887. The Elyton Land Company, established a streetcar line that connected "Highland" with downtown. This company advertised the suburb as cooler, cleaner and healthier site for living than downtown which was lower in elevation and closer to the pig iron furnaces (like Sloss Furnances) and other mills then operating in the valley. In 1893 Highland became part of the City of Birmingham. 
At the Five Points South Circle where streetcar lines from downtown intersected those from Highland Avenue and other Southside residential areas, a neighborhood shopping district, with grocery, drug, repair and service shops grew.  

Five Points is rich with landmark houses, churches, apartment and commercial buildings, among the city's finest and most distinguished architectural and historical resources. Today there has been ongoing changes and developments in Five Points and a return to its position as a popular living, shopping and recreational district, particularly influenced by the advent of superb restuarants. It is fortunate to have a number of great fine dining establishments like Highlands Bar and Grill, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Bottega and Oceans. One of the areas most famous resident was Hugh Martin Jr composer of Meet Me in St. Louis and Wish Me A Merry Christmas. Come explore and discover Five Points, past and present. Information from "The Journal "A Town Within a City" and Historic Five Points South Walking Tour. 

For a printable self guided walking tour Click Here.


The Five Points Alliance

The Five Points Alliance (FPA) came into existence in 2016. Before that, was known as the Five Points South Merchant Group. The Alliance is devoted to enriching the vibrancy of Five Points South, by unifying, enhancing and promoting the area as the city's premier neighborhood and culinary destination in Birmingham Alabama. 

Our vision is for Five Points South to be a premier visitor and culinary destination that offers vibrant retail and entertainment experiences in a walkable neighborhood environment.

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Five Points South Master Plan - An 18 month process - CLICH HERE for more information.

2017 Annual Report - CLICK HERE

Five Points Alliance Board of Directors & Committees - click on highlighted name to send an email

Steve Alexander - Board Chair

Law of C. Stephen Alexander, PC

George Reis - Board President
Ocean Restaurant & 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar

John Boone - Board Vice President
Orchestra Partner

Bill Stoeffhaas - Communication Officer
Style Advertising

Joe Babin - 130th Celebration Officer
Orbit Salon

James Little - Staff
REV Birmingham

Shelia Chaffin

Hassinger Daniel / Cobb Lane B&B

Danny Jones
Five Points South Neighborhood Association President

James Fowler/Brian Templeton

UAB Planning, Design & Construction

Five Points Alliance Committees

Culinary Committee - meets monthly to organize promotions and specials events for area restaurants and bars

Real Estate - meets monthly to develop tools and resources to assists with recruiting and identifying businesses for the area.

Retail Committee
organizes promotions and special events for area retailers

Tourism - 
develops and implements tourism branding campaigns to promote area

Design - 
works to create an attractive and appealing environment for visitors and businesses

If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please Email us.

Contact Us!   
James Little - District Manager
REV Birmingham
There are area resources available for growing business in Five Points South.  We are here to serve you in anyway, please call or email if you have any further questions about available resources and incentives, 205-623-0582.
The Five Points Alliance works directly with REV Birmingham staff to organize events and other merchant activities. REV Birmingham revitalizes places and energizes business to create vibrancy in the City of Birmingham. REV is an economic development organization that stimulates business growth and improves quality of life in Birmingham’s City Center and its Neighborhood Commercial Centers. For more information, please visit: www.revbirmingham.org.

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